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The Scope of Electronic Prescribing Software in Future

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Electronic prescribing software, also known as e prescribing software, is the modern health information tool that enables healthcare providers to directly send prescriptions electronically to the intended pharmacy. This medical information technology has been evolving over the years.

Growth Rate of E-Prescriptions Across the Globe

The e-prescribing market that was valued at more than USD 250 million during the year 2013 has crossed almost USD 900 million by 2019. Europe was dominant with a large market share in the E-prescribing software domain until recently. Currently, the United States has started leading the extensive growth in the global E-prescribing software market.

More than 70% of the physicians in the United States are found to use E-prescribing software while 96% of pharmacies are found to have been wired to accept e-prescriptions. In Asia, the adoption of E-prescribing software is fast gaining momentum in the several nations.

The global market of e-prescribing systems is expected to register healthy growth. Increasing governmental incentive programs and initiatives have been the driving factors behind this. The initiatives are aimed at cutting health care costs, improving health care quality, and eliminating or reducing prescription errors.

Mandatory health care-related programs and innovative projects in the developed countries are said to be the other reasons that propel the growth of the E-prescribing software market globally.

Region-wise Analysis of E-prescribing software Market

Government funding and initiatives have been rising in the North American region comprising the United States and Canada. This has considerably increased the scope of the market for the e-prescribing systems in this region.

The rising health care networks, as well as increasing health care-related projects, bode well for a healthy market share in Europe. Europe has started following the electronic submission of prescription and patient summaries, paving the way for increased use of E-prescribing software in the future.

Asia Pacific region is expected to register a fast growth for the E-prescribing software market. Factors such as a growing number of health care projects and programs related to the enhancement of patient safety and better care, increasing health care organizations, and governmental requirements are expected to increase the growth rate of E-prescribing software in this region.

Governmental mandates such as the Meaningful Use and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act necessitate the integration of e-prescribing systems with EHRs. This further drives the growth rate of E-prescribing software.

The robust 75Health E-prescribing software helps the health care providers and their patients by reducing human errors and ensuring patient safety. It provides amazing benefits to both the providers and their patients.

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Advanced Features of Practice Management Software

The virtue of getting busy brings with it the need for staying focused on the task in hand while managing increased workload. Not everyone will be capable of keeping cool and staying organized when things turn really busy. Increased number of patients, changing medical standards, and shifting reimbursement models has an impact on the productivity and quality of healthcare facilities. Thanks to the robust and practice-specific features in the modern medical practice management system, providers and medical practices no longer feel the heat of elevated workload.

Advanced Features of Practice Management Software

Primary Objectives of the Medical Practice Management System in the Contemporary Medical Facilities

The innovative practice management software has been conceptualized and rolled out with the primary goal of enabling providers to move to an all-digital practice and automating the patient journey in a healthcare facility while facilitating easy and effective workflow.

By integrating your medical practice management system efficiently to the existing systems currently in use, such as the care coordination platform, billing software, or the electronic medical records software, practices and providers will be able to effectively handle their daily tasks in a smooth and deft manner. The feature of the integration of the practice management system with other systems is crucial in medical practices.

Essential Features in the Modern Medical Practice Management System

  • User-friendly, comprehensive financial dashboard
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Electronic claim creation and management
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Patient portal
  • Customized reporting and analysis
  • Automatic updates
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Inventory tracking and control

Progressive Features in the NextGen Practice Management Software

Practice management solution is basically how a practice organizes its administrative, accounting, and financial processes in a streamlined, efficient way. Supporting the revenue cycle management of providers and practices is one major goal. This necessitates the practice management system to include robust features that empower healthcare professionals and facilities to achieve the following:

  • Quick and customized statement generation
  • Improved charge posting and charge slip tracking
  • ICD-10 ready processes
  • Accurate and quick payment posting options
  • Code scrubbing and EDI rules manager
  • Digital remittance advice
  • Billing and collections assistance

By providing effective collaboration and communication and offering assistance in validating diagnostic procedure compatibility, the modern 75Health Medical Practice Management System ensures making the regular financial and administrative tasks in practices easy and effective.

Adapting the robust 75Health Practice Management Software facilitates using the robust features included in it, thus enabling providers and healthcare practices to enhance their control over their practice workflow patterns while ensuring their practices’ financial well-being.

E-prescribing software is Indispensable in the medical world

5 Reasons why E-prescribing software is Indispensable in the medical world?

Electronic prescription is one of the modern health information technology products that have come up as a result of the continued tendency to leverage advanced technology in the medical industry. The e-prescribing software is considered to be the main solution for overcoming the drawbacks associated with paper-based medication prescriptions.

E-Prescribing finds Extensive Adoption among Modern Health Care Providers the medical world has been making use of technology in an increasing manner, e-prescribing being one of the widely adopted and popular systems. Health care providers, as well as their patients, are reaping several benefits when e-prescribing software is used in the clinical setting.

5 Reasons why E-prescribing software is Indispensable in the medical world?

Factors that Render E-Prescribing Software Indispensable in the Health Care Arena

1) Accuracy of information and enhanced patient safety

With e-prescribing software, the much-dreaded medication errors and the associated adverse drug events are significantly reduced. Studies prove that there’s a positive impact caused by e-prescribing in the hospital setting. Helping to check allergies, drug reactions, and appropriateness of medication, e-prescribing software greatly enhances medication management.

2) Practices experience increased efficiency and productivity

Even with more resources, medical practices that use traditional paper-based prescription systems find it difficult to achieve optimal productivity. The e-prescribing software, by automating the processes related to prescribing, ensures to increase not only the practice productivity but also the overall practice efficiency.

3) E-prescribing software helps to increase the overall care quality

E-prescribing systems help providers to access relevant medical information and streamline the process of prescribing using digital means. This naturally improves the quality of care provided. Equipped with their patients’ complete health care information, physicians are enabled to prescribe the right medications at the right time.

4) adherence is greatly increased

One of the major advantages of e-prescribing software is increased medication compliance among patients. Getting medication refills and making payments have become easier for individuals. The system provides innovative notifications and refill reminders, thus making it easier for prescribers as well as patients.

5) The automated clinical support proves helpful to prescribers

Caregivers are required to fill complete medication details in the forms available in the e-prescribing software. Details such as name and strength of the medication, dosage, and the frequency of intake. During the process of prescribing, providers are helped with a drop-down list that shows a drug dictionary which facilitates selecting the drugs, dosage, and additional alerts, if any.

Offering ample benefits to providers, patients, and pharmacists, the modern 75Health e-prescribing software has been adopted extensively.

Practice Management Software for Hospitals

Practice Management Software a Complete Cost-Effective Solution for Hospitals?

Medical practice management software is the latest health information technology that has been designed to help health care providers and medical organizations to run their practices smoothly. Having evolved over the years, today, the modern practice management system caters to the varied administrative and financial needs of medical practices and hospitals of all types and sizes.

Practice Management Software a Complete Cost-Effective Solution for Hospitals?

The advantages of practice management software from the cost perspective

Quite a lot of computer software applications are being created in the contemporary world, each having its own unique use and purpose. The medical practice management software has been built and implemented in the medical industry with a view of automating and simplifying the processes. It enables medical professionals and health care organizations to cut down on costs while improving their overall efficiency.

The following are a few of the exclusive benefits of adopting the medical practice management software that helps cut down on costs:

1) Practice efficiency is increased: Practice management software generally includes applications for accessing patient medical records and checking them for relevant information. This helps to create reports and uploading these to the electronic health record system. Such automated processes immensely help in enhancing practice efficiency.

2) Reliability is enhanced: As the process of accessing and editing health records is automated in the practice management software, the entire system becomes more reliable and robust. Misplacement or loss of crucial medical records is greatly reduced. Legal liability is reduced, minimizing overheads in modern practices.

3) Practice productivity is improved: The effectiveness of health care providers and their supporting staff increases by adopting robust practice management software. Thus, the overall practice productivity is significantly increased. Better productivity and efficiency will naturally result in increased revenue generation, and subsequently, better profitability under reduced costs.

4) Automated processes: With enhanced automation, practice costs related to resources and time are reduced, leading to enhanced profitability.

How does the practice management software help hospitals?

Practice management software enables hospitals to achieve streamlined workflows and processes. Improved practice administration and organized activities in the hospitals allow better focus and delivery of high-quality care to patients. Medical Billing and accounting processes are automated, thus ensuring faster reimbursement for services provided.

The feature-rich 75Health practice management software ensures eliminating errors and minimizing the time and efforts required for practice administration processes. Care quality is improved, thus instilling confidence in patients while increasing their satisfaction. This increases the profitability of hospitals.

How Can Medical Billing Software Increase Profits of Medical Practices?

The innovative health information technology of medical billing software is an asset to contemporary medical practices. It immensely helps practices to improve financial management and clinical workflow. The right medical billing software enables physician practices to become more streamlined, accurate, and profitable.

How Can Electronic Medical Billing Software Increase Profits of Medical Practices?

How Does the Medical Billing Software Increase Practice Revenue?

The state-of-the-art medical billing software can help providers and practices to manage appointments and scheduling efficiently. It helps coding and billing enormously, thus enabling practices to achieve improved cash flows while reducing claim denials. Storing and managing data accurately becomes possible ad HIPAA compliance is achieved. These translate into an overall well-managed practice that is capable of running successfully.

Medical Billing Software Increases Practice Profitability

1. Efficient workflow

When designed in a practice-specific way, medical billing software proves to be of great help to practice work flow. Appointments can be efficiently planned. Tracking, rescheduling, and canceling appointments can be done effortlessly. The medical billing system helps generate notifications. It is equipped with the feature of analyzing the trends in payment and claim denials. This helps in managing claims and recouping the denial-related loss. Unpaid bills can be traced, and outstanding can be identified at any point in time.

2. Errors are greatly reduced

Errors are the major cause of most of the claim denials. By using medical billing software, it becomes possible to track patient data as well as insurance information. This helps in reducing errors considerably.

3. Data storage management

With medical billing software, storing and sharing of patients’ medical information is performed digitally in a HIPAA-compliant way. As billing-related information is accessible easily, the overall efficiency and profitability of the medical practices will improve.

How does medical billing software facilitate increased practice profitability?

  • Medical billing software enables health care facilitates to meet all Compliance needs.
  • Interoperability among health systems is accomplished
  • Data analytics can be leveraged.
  • Billing and coding processes are automated.
  • Revenue cycle management becomes easy.
  • A clear payment collection process can be established.
  • Claim creation and management becomes easy and efficient.
  • Errors associated with coding and billings are greatly reduced.
  • Denial management and claim re-submission can be performed efficiently.
  • The overall financial well-being of medical practices can be improved.

Implementing modern medical billing software ensures better cash flow, efficient processes, and improved patient experience. It allows medical facilities to customize their billing and coding processes. This results in reduced errors, improved profitability, and fast claim reimbursements.

75Health Medical billing software enables practices to alleviate compliance and coding risk. The electronic tracking feature allows the practice’s financial team to update cash flow management activity. The software increases efficiency and leads to better profits.