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The 7 Exclusive Advantages of E-Prescribing Software

Top 7 Assets of Running a Health Care with E-prescribing software

Of late, health care industry has been making extensive use of information technology. Digital transformation has a tremendous potential to positively change the way health care providers deliver patient care. The modern electronic (e-prescribing) software is instrumental in enhancing the overall care quality while ensuring patient safety.

The 7 Exclusive Advantages of E-Prescribing Software

Why E-Prescribing Software is considered an Indispensable Asset to the Health Care Industry?

E-prescribing software is among the emerging health information technologies that have great potential to mitigate several issues associated with the health care industry – especially the hard copy prescriptions. It helps prevent medication errors, illegibility, and ambiguity. Facilitating transmission of easy-to-read, accurate prescriptions from the point-of-care to the pharmacy, this software proves to be reliable and beneficial.

The 7 Exclusive Advantages of E-Prescribing Software

The innovative e-prescribing software provides several short-and long-term advantages to the patients and pharmacies, in addition to the prescribers. The key benefits have been discussed below:

1) Increased Efficiency: E-Prescribing software enables providers to obtain patients’ insurance eligibility, medication history, and formulary in real-time. This provides visibility and enhances efficiency.

2) Information Accuracy: With e-prescribing software, the chance of error is greatly reduced. In addition to prescriptions being legible, the reduced likelihood of misinterpretation makes e-prescriptions more sought-after.

3) Enhanced Patient Safety: As the e-prescribing software provides the prescribers access to their patients’ drug history, they are enabled to prescribe the right medication and the right dosage. Patients are saved from adverse drug reactions.

4) Managing Controlled Medications: Caution needs to be exercised while prescribing certain controlled medications such as opioids. Electronic format, by providing the patients’ prescription drug history, helps to mitigate misuse and fraud.

5) Medication Reconciliation Process can be expedited: With e-prescribing software, clinicians need not reconcile medication lists manually or commit any clinical information to their memory. Crucial information is available in real-time.

6) Better Medication Adherence: One of the issues that plague the medical fraternity is non-adherence of medications by patients. This is greatly reduced when e-prescribing software is used. E-prescribing helps to improve provider-patient dialogue as well.

7) Convenient and Cost-Effective: As e-prescriptions are transmitted by providers directly to patients’ pharmacies, patients need not wait for long to get their prescriptions filled. Prescribers can select the pharmacies preferred by their patients and prescribe medications in such a way that they are cost-effective.

The modern e-prescribing software from 75Health assists not only the health care providers but also the patients and pharmacists. It ensures to increase accuracy while preventing abuse and fraud.

How E-Prescribing Systems Altered the Healthcare World?

Electronic prescribing—commonly known as E-prescribing—is one of the extensively used medical information technology in the contemporary health care industry. Studies show that over 70% of the physicians in the advanced nations are making use of e-prescription software while close to 90% of the pharmacies accept e-prescriptions.

How E-Prescribing Systems Altered the Healthcare World

Impact of E-Prescription Software on the Health Care Sector

E-Prescribing software offers the twin advantages of significantly enhanced safety levels and reduced medication errors. When put to proper use, e-prescribing systems prove to be capable of considering the entire record and formulary of patients while devising the lists of potential medicines.

It is often required by patients to see several primary and secondary health care providers. Such patients are often provided with a multitude of prescriptions from different providers. Before the advent of the e-prescribing software, these providers were at times unaware of the medications taken by the patients.

It is well-known that certain medications may react adversely with one another. This puts the patients at risk. Now, with the modern e-prescribing software, immediate drug interaction warnings and other drug-related notifications are available. Medical professionals are enabled to prescribe alternative medications, thus relieving patients from potential dangers.

Impact of e-prescribing software on health care providers

Prescribers have been enabled to see a complete profile of their patients’ medications when using the innovative e-prescribing software. The software inputs allow physicians to check the administrative limits, clinical edits, and formulary status, thus facilitating an interactive data transaction. This positively impacts the clinical outcomes while increasing medication adherence among the patients. Doctor shopping can be prevented as well.

The chances of readmission have reduced and health care facilities can now achieve better access to patient information and better workflow. A major part of errors that lead to harmful effects on patients is eliminated by using the e-prescribing software. This modern software has transformed the way health care professionals and pharmacists perform their roles.

How is Patients Benefited by the e-prescribing software?

Legible and unambiguous, e-prescriptions are not only safer to patients but also convenient. The patients are relieved from potential threats of adverse drug reactions and medication errors. The increased accuracy and clarity of prescriptions enhances patient satisfaction and prevents malpractices in health insurance.

E-Prescribing: The Pharmacies’ Perspective

Data entry errors and misinterpretations are eliminated while processing efficiencies are increased. Unnecessary verification through phone calls are avoided, and customer relationship is significantly improved.

The robust 75Health E-Prescribing Software ensures the accurate exchange of critical medical information. It facilitates reducing costs for the providers as well as patients.

E-prescribing software is Indispensable in the medical world

5 Reasons why E-prescribing software is Indispensable in the medical world?

Electronic prescription is one of the modern health information technology products that have come up as a result of the continued tendency to leverage advanced technology in the medical industry. The e-prescribing software is considered to be the main solution for overcoming the drawbacks associated with paper-based medication prescriptions.

E-Prescribing finds Extensive Adoption among Modern Health Care Providers the medical world has been making use of technology in an increasing manner, e-prescribing being one of the widely adopted and popular systems. Health care providers, as well as their patients, are reaping several benefits when e-prescribing software is used in the clinical setting.

5 Reasons why E-prescribing software is Indispensable in the medical world?

Factors that Render E-Prescribing Software Indispensable in the Health Care Arena

1) Accuracy of information and enhanced patient safety

With e-prescribing software, the much-dreaded medication errors and the associated adverse drug events are significantly reduced. Studies prove that there’s a positive impact caused by e-prescribing in the hospital setting. Helping to check allergies, drug reactions, and appropriateness of medication, e-prescribing software greatly enhances medication management.

2) Practices experience increased efficiency and productivity

Even with more resources, medical practices that use traditional paper-based prescription systems find it difficult to achieve optimal productivity. The e-prescribing software, by automating the processes related to prescribing, ensures to increase not only the practice productivity but also the overall practice efficiency.

3) E-prescribing software helps to increase the overall care quality

E-prescribing systems help providers to access relevant medical information and streamline the process of prescribing using digital means. This naturally improves the quality of care provided. Equipped with their patients’ complete health care information, physicians are enabled to prescribe the right medications at the right time.

4) adherence is greatly increased

One of the major advantages of e-prescribing software is increased medication compliance among patients. Getting medication refills and making payments have become easier for individuals. The system provides innovative notifications and refill reminders, thus making it easier for prescribers as well as patients.

5) The automated clinical support proves helpful to prescribers

Caregivers are required to fill complete medication details in the forms available in the e-prescribing software. Details such as name and strength of the medication, dosage, and the frequency of intake. During the process of prescribing, providers are helped with a drop-down list that shows a drug dictionary which facilitates selecting the drugs, dosage, and additional alerts, if any.

Offering ample benefits to providers, patients, and pharmacists, the modern 75Health e-prescribing software has been adopted extensively.

Improve Patient Care With E-Prescribing Software

Health care providers across the globe have been taking advantage of the progress made in the health information technology front. The latest advances in the prescription process through the groundbreaking electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) system are found to be very useful in improving providers’ clinical workflow while offering a lot of convenience to the patients.  

Improve Patient Care With 75Health E-Prescribing Management Software

How Does E-prescribing Software Enhance Patient Care?

One of the significant advantages of adopting technology in the health care sector today is the streamlined digital approach to the processes. The state-of-the-art e-prescribing software, when it becomes a part of the electronic health record of providers, proves to be very convenient to them. Making it possible for them to access all the relevant health information of their patients, e-prescribing ensures accuracy and increased efficacy.

Key Benefits of E-prescribing System that Increases Patient Care Quality

1. Medication errors are greatly reduced

Medical errors can occur at different points in different ways. One of the possibilities is wrong dispensing of medicines by pharmacists caused by incorrect interpretation of the prescription. Such mistakes are prevented when e-prescribing software is used. This way, patient safety is greatly improved, thanks to the 75Health E-Prescribing management software.

2. Patient eligibility can be verified

The doctors can view their patients’ medication history. They are well- equipped to avoid drug abuse or fraud. Insurance eligibility can be verified, enabling providers to ensure regulatory compliance.

3. Medication alerts and instant notifications

Prescribers gain full visibility about their patients’ drug allergies and previously prescribed medicines. Such data being documented within the system, providers are enabled to check and avoid adverse reactions. The e-prescribing software generates instant alerts if any drug that causes severe reactions or symptoms is prescribed. Patients are saved from harmful events and drug reactions.

4. Complete medication tracking is enabled

E-prescribing software keeps tabs on whether or not the prescription has been filled. This way, it helps to ensure that patients adhere to the medication they have been prescribed with. Medication adherence is seen to increase considerably, thus improving patient outcomes.

5. Increased patient convenience and satisfaction

E-prescribing software expedites the process of filling prescriptions while reducing pharmacy and clinic visit from the part of patients. Refills are faster, reducing the waiting time. Patient satisfaction and convenience increases while 75Halth e-prescribing software is adopted.

6. Rehospitalization is reduced

Alerts and notifications in the innovative 75Health e-prescribing system ensure that prescribers can track drug reactions and adverse events. Timely filing of prescriptions is also facilitated. These translate into reduced re-hospitalization.

75Health e-prescribing management software helps to ensure medication adherence while improving the prescription process. Medication management process is improved, and errors are greatly reduced by adopting this modern system.