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How E-Prescribing Systems Altered the Healthcare World?

Electronic prescribing—commonly known as E-prescribing—is one of the extensively used medical information technology in the contemporary health care industry. Studies show that over 70% of the physicians in the advanced nations are making use of e-prescription software while close to 90% of the pharmacies accept e-prescriptions.

How E-Prescribing Systems Altered the Healthcare World

Impact of E-Prescription Software on the Health Care Sector

E-Prescribing software offers the twin advantages of significantly enhanced safety levels and reduced medication errors. When put to proper use, e-prescribing systems prove to be capable of considering the entire record and formulary of patients while devising the lists of potential medicines.

It is often required by patients to see several primary and secondary health care providers. Such patients are often provided with a multitude of prescriptions from different providers. Before the advent of the e-prescribing software, these providers were at times unaware of the medications taken by the patients.

It is well-known that certain medications may react adversely with one another. This puts the patients at risk. Now, with the modern e-prescribing software, immediate drug interaction warnings and other drug-related notifications are available. Medical professionals are enabled to prescribe alternative medications, thus relieving patients from potential dangers.

Impact of e-prescribing software on health care providers

Prescribers have been enabled to see a complete profile of their patients’ medications when using the innovative e-prescribing software. The software inputs allow physicians to check the administrative limits, clinical edits, and formulary status, thus facilitating an interactive data transaction. This positively impacts the clinical outcomes while increasing medication adherence among the patients. Doctor shopping can be prevented as well.

The chances of readmission have reduced and health care facilities can now achieve better access to patient information and better workflow. A major part of errors that lead to harmful effects on patients is eliminated by using the e-prescribing software. This modern software has transformed the way health care professionals and pharmacists perform their roles.

How is Patients Benefited by the e-prescribing software?

Legible and unambiguous, e-prescriptions are not only safer to patients but also convenient. The patients are relieved from potential threats of adverse drug reactions and medication errors. The increased accuracy and clarity of prescriptions enhances patient satisfaction and prevents malpractices in health insurance.

E-Prescribing: The Pharmacies’ Perspective

Data entry errors and misinterpretations are eliminated while processing efficiencies are increased. Unnecessary verification through phone calls are avoided, and customer relationship is significantly improved.

The robust 75Health E-Prescribing Software ensures the accurate exchange of critical medical information. It facilitates reducing costs for the providers as well as patients.

Benefits of Mobile Access to Medical Practice Management Software

Use of mobile devices and mobile apps has been growing at an exponential rate in almost any industry. Healthcare professionals and their assistants are also making extensive use of the mobile version of health information technologies for getting quick access to information and providing the most optimal care to patients. Practice management software, in its mobile version, allows hospitals and providers to engage with patients and provide service instantly from anywhere.

Benefits of mobile access to medical practice management software

Cloud Technology and Mobile Access Empower providers

With no special equipment or tool being required, mobile access to the efficient practice management software ensures that medical practitioners are in a position to use their mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets to enjoy the freedom of operating from anywhere.

With provision for authorized users to log in securely from any web-enabled device, physicians and specialists are now able to practically take their practice anywhere they are.

Practice Management on the Go

Managing the logistics of medical practice while on the move with just a glance has been facilitated, thanks to the powerful combination of the practice management system and mobile devices. Tasks related to medical billing and accounting were once traditionally managed using paper or on the computer. They have now been rendered possible to be handled even when medical professionals are away from their workplaces.

Accessing patient information, scheduling, and billing, in addition to accounts maintenance and payment collection, are now possible while providers are on the move.

Exclusive Advantages of Mobile Access to Practice Management Software

Wherever they go, providers are able to stay connected to their practices, when using mobile access to their practice management systems. Documentation is prompt and fast, transforming patient experience and improving clarity. Practice communication can be considerably increased and doctors can keep up with their scheduled appointments without any issues.

The following are a few of the exclusive benefits of having mobile access to the practice management software:

  • Improved automation
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Saving in time and efforts
  • Streamlined processes and workflows
  • Practice gets more organized
  • Increased focus on patient health management
  • Patient satisfaction is increased
  • Point of care information is available at anytime
  • Internal communication is enhanced

Improving the vital factors involved in any medical practice such as administration, medical records management, communications, and information collection and access, mobile-enabled, cloud-based 75Helath practice management software allows providers to spend more time on patient care while increasing patients’ safety.

E-Prescribing Software Functionality And Its Performance In The Clinical Care

Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) is an interactive data transaction enabled by modern health information technologies. It allows the prescribers to access patient data and get a complete profile of their medications. Software inputs in the system enable providers to check administrative limits, clinical edits, and formulary status.

E-Prescribing Software Functionality And Its Performance In The Clinical Care

Key Features and Functionality in the E-Prescribing System

When designed in tune with the unique Medical practice needs, e-prescribing software can bring down the time required for the prescription process. The cloud-based medication management tool helps doctors to order refills or adjust dosages effortlessly.

In order to achieve all expected capabilities, the e-prescribing software must have certain essential functionalities, a few of which have been discussed below:

1) Automated alerts for adverse drug interaction or events: This is one of the key features that help providers to improve their prescription process while increasing patient safety. Documenting all relevant accounts of medications taken by the patients, and how a new drug would interact, e-prescribing system dramatically helps to avoid unwanted consequences related to medications. Alerts are available for contraindications, duplicate therapy notification, and dosing information.

2) Electronic prior approval process: The process of prior authorization is time-consuming yet essential in the health care setting. By automating the process, e-prescribing ensures better productivity. Patient details and prescription information are sent to the concerned insurance provider automatically.

3) Formulary check: Cost of medication is one of the significant contributing factors that lead patients to forgo pharmaceutical treatments. Prescribers are equipped with a drug formulary, the list containing prescription drugs that will offer the greatest value. This enables them to pick the most affordable options among them so that patients find it easy to manage their finances related to medications.

4) Patient education: An exclusive functionality that aims at providing education to patients about the medications they are prescribed and their potential side effects is available in the modern e-prescribing software. On-demand education materials and instructions prove very useful to patients.

5) Decision support function: Instrumental in enhancing the care quality, medication decision support system offers evidence-based information. This helps prescribers to have insights about the effectiveness of drug therapy. This feature helps in bringing down the number of prescription errors immensely.

75Health has come up with the efficient cloud-based e-prescribing software that is equipped with all the essential functionalities and features. Easy to implement and manage, this system meets all necessary compliance needs and is considered to be among the top-rated e-prescribing systems in the contemporary medical industry.