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Why is E-Prescribing Considered Beneficial to Providers and Patients

Electronic Prescribing, (e-prescribing) Software helps transmission of prescription and prescription-related information in electronic format between dispensers and prescribers. This may be performed directly or via e-prescribing network.

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The Evolution of E-Prescribing System in the Contemporary Healthcare Ecosystem

From a humble adoption rate of 7% of physicians a decade ago, e-prescribing through  EHRs has considerably expanded today. Thanks to incentive programs and nudges such as HITECH Act and progress in health information technology solutions arising out of these movements, the adoption rate has jumped to a whopping 85%

Today, almost all of the U.S. community pharmacies are enabled to accept electronic prescriptions. A few states here even have made e-prescribing software mandatory now. With its various benefits becoming clearer, providers and pharmacies in advanced nations have started adopting this modern health information technology.

Benefits of Modern E-Prescribing Software to Patients and Providers

A major part of the larger move toward increased use of health information technologies, the innovative E-Prescribing Software is considered to be the tool for improving patient-centric care. In addition to improving care quality and increasing patient safety, it extends benefits to prescribers, pharmacies, and payers as well.

The varied advantages offered by e-prescribing systems fall into four categories, namely, improved prescribing, patient safety, cost savings, and workflow/efficiency.

1) Medication errors/patient safety

According to the report of the Institute of Medicine, medication errors have accounted for a very high number of deaths. It is the reason behind one out of 131 outpatient deaths. Apart from having a serious influence on the well-being of patients, these errors lead to loss of patient trust and legal actions or criminal charges. The technology of e-prescribing is capable of reducing errors in an amazing number of prescriptions that are dispensed annually, and this is an obvious benefit to prescribers, pharmacists, and patients.

2) Improved prescribing

Getting the right patient, right drug, and right dose at the right time along the right route are very important to achieve safe medication practices while avoiding errors. With innovations such as access to medication histories and electronic prior authorizations in the e-prescribing software, providers are enabled to improve the prescribing process considerably.

3) Cost-saving / Medication adherence

Medication non-adherence leads to a shocking number of adverse events as well as a hefty amount of money being spent. With its capability to track non-adherence, e-prescribing systems ensure further safety and help enforce medication adherence. A great saving in costs is also possible.

4) Efficiency / Workflow

With reliable legibility and increased clarity, e-prescriptions do not give room for ambiguities. Phone calls between pharmacies and providers’ offices related to clarifications are reduced. All these results in increased efficiency and productivity.

The effective and useful features in the 75Health E-Prescribing Software enable providers to leverage technology fully for enhancing the quality of their prescribing process. Thus, overall care quality is improved.

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E-Prescribing Software – Pros and Cons

Rules and legal requirements,in addition to ease of use and reduction in medication errors, have ensured that the process of generating prescriptions in the electronic format is being widely adopted. E-Prescribing is the means of transmitting prescription and prescription-related information electronically between the prescriber and the dispenser. It is gaining momentum in the modern medical industry.

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The Advantages of the Modern E-Prescribing Software

E-prescribing system allows physicians’ offices to send prescriptions to the patients’ designated pharmacies electronically.Patients are saved the visit to their physicians. Just by calling the doctor’s office and asking for a refill, you get to collect the medication from your pharmacy.

The following are the major advantages of the e-prescribing software:

      1) Reduced medication errors

The potential medication errors in hand-written prescription such as mix-ups and errors that result out of poor handwriting are greatly reduced in e-prescriptions.

       2) Increased practice productivity

Time taken for medical refills and clarification calls between the provider’s office and pharmacy is considerably reduced. This leads to increased productivity of the medical practice as wells as the pharmacy.

       3) Patient safety is increased

Misinterpretation or omission of critical information is identified even before processing the prescription. This ensures reducing fatal mistakes, thus enhancing patient safety.

       4) Better work flow

The prescription process is streamlined when e-prescribing software is used. Waiting time and drug recall help is reduced. This ensures an overall improvement to work flow.

        5) Contradictions can be caught

By allowing healthcare providers to access the medical history of their patients, e-prescribing software facilitates catching any contradiction easily. For instance, if the provider prescribes a drug to which a patient is allergic to, the e-prescribing system instantly issues alert message.

         6) Cost advantage

Providers are enabled to receive cost-effective recommendation and therapy alerts while patients get financial benefits when e-prescribing software is adopted.

Drawbacks of the E-Prescribing Software

As with any innovative health information tool, there are a few initial disadvantages in the e-prescribing system too. These may be resolved by carefully following the standards and industry best practices.

  • Security of data must be ensured, failing which, false information may find its way into the prescription.
  • Software issues such as malfunctions, system failures are possible.
  • Initial expenditure related to the software may be a burden for small practices.
  • Certain e-prescribing systems allow only the designated pharmacy to dispense medications.

The robust e-prescribing software from 75Health is equipped with all essential features for ensuring smooth work flow and accuracy of medical information. Prescribing physicians as well as patients are greatly benefited by the reliable functionality in this system.

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How to Implement e-Prescribing to Increase Accuracy and Time Savings?

The key objective of implementing the electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) system throughout the health-system continuum is to enable accurate and clear exchange of information during the prescribing process. This consequently improves the turnaround time related to refill request for the pharmacies as well.

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How Does the E-Prescribing Software Help Save Time?

E-prescribing Software provides all essential medical information about patients. Prescribers are armed with the necessary basic data and assisted with robust notifications and alerts offered by the system. They are empowered to avoid harmful medications while being enabled to complete the prescribing process in a short time.

Successful implementation of the e-prescribing software ensures that providers have all the prior authorization and insurance formulary information readily available at the point of care.  Thus, the overall time required for prescribing medications and dispensing them to the patients is considerably decreased, when e-prescribing software is implemented.

E-Prescribing Software Implementation Ensures Accuracy

Unlike handwritten prescriptions that are prone to illegibility and misinterpretation that might contribute to inaccurate medication fills, e-prescriptions ensure to reduce the likelihood of errors. Accuracy and clarity ensure that inadvertent dispensing of wrong drug, quantity, or dose is eliminated. This assures eliminating the negative impact on patients’ health.

Overall Improvement in Medical Practices Achieved by Implementing E-Prescribing Software

E-prescribing Software is the latest in the health information technologies that have tremendous potential for transforming the way medical professionals approach patient care. It is a platform that facilitates improving the prescribing process while enabling providers to enhance the overall care quality.

Enabling caregivers to transmit clear and accurate prescriptions in the electronic format directly from the point of care to the required pharmacies, e-prescribing systems assure accuracy and saving in time. Patients are able to realize significant long-term as well as short-term benefits because of this.

E-Prescribing Software Saves Practice Time by Increasing Efficiency

E-prescribing systems provide comprehensive patient information such as insurance eligibility, formulary, and past as well as present medication history. All these being available in real-time, prescribers’ efficiency is greatly increased, thus reducing the time taken for the prescribing process.

Pharmacies are facilitated to achieve quick filling of prescriptions, as there’s no need for clarification about medications. Productivity of practices and pharmacies are thus greatly enhanced by using the e-prescribing system.

Implementing the robust 75Health e-prescribing software ensures bringing clarity as well as control over the prescription ordering and refill processes. Issues are reduced and prescription entry is streamlined when using the 75Health E-Prescribing system.

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The Role of E-Prescribing in Healthcare

With the advancement in the medical industry, the world over, there has been an enormous increase in the complexity related to medication use. This leads to a greater potential of the risk related to medication errors. The modern E-Prescribing Software makes the prescribing process less prone to such errors.

e-Prescribing Software
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How Does E-Prescribing Software Help the Contemporary Medical Industry?

E-Prescribing Software eliminates the need for a prescription in the form of handwriting or fax. It enables electronic transmission of prescriptions by providers to pharmacies in the digital form, thus ensuring accuracy. Furthermore, the software provides details such as patient medical history and drug allergies. This helps minimize medication errors and streamlines the prescription process.

How Does E-Prescribing Software Work?

Prescribers – physicians, their assistants, or any registered or licensed medical professional who are eligible for issuing a prescription for drugs or products may use the e-prescribing software to transmit prescriptions in the electronic format. This may be transmitted either directly or through any e-prescribing network. This is received by dispensers – pharmacists or any registered or licensed professionals who are permitted to provide prescription drugs.

The following transactions may be considered to be performed under e-prescribing:

  • New prescriptions
  • Changes
  • Refills
  • Cancellations

The Crucial Role of E-Prescribing Software in Healthcare Delivery

By providing accurate medication information, the innovative E-Prescribing Software ensures the accuracy and efficacy of treatment. The following are a few of the key functions of the e-prescribing system in the healthcare environment:

  • Prevention of medication errors
  • Expediting the medication process
  • Automating the clinical support system
  • Enabling tracking of the complete medication
  • Providing medication alerts and notifications
  • Streamlining the prescription workflow
  • Eliminating delays and loss of prescription
  • Improved medication adherence
  • Patient medical insurance verification
  • Increasing practice productivity

How Does the E-Prescribing Software Improve Care Quality and Safety?

The E-Prescribing Software enables providers to access complete patient information, thus empowering them to arrive at information-based decisions. This not only assures an effective and accurate prescription process but also enhances care quality and patient safety.

With special features such as notifications and alerts, doctors will be able to monitor their patients’ medication compliance. Prescriptions in the electronic format ensure that the potential of error related to dosage and legibility is greatly reduced.

The e-prescribing software from 75Health helps eliminate the adverse effects of non-adherence. It makes the process of medication management effective and improves the overall practice workflow.

e-Prescribing Software | 75Health

Impact of Electronic Prescribing On Patient Safety in Hospitals

Studies have clearly proven that Electronic Prescribing (E-Prescribing) systems ensure improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare, while increasing the safety of patients.  Reducing errors in billions of prescriptions being dispensed across the globe, e-prescribing is clearly a benefit to prescribers, patients, and pharmacists.

e-Prescribing Software
e-Prescribing Software | 75Health

What is the Role of E-Prescribing Software in Improving Patient Safety?

In addition to facilitating direct digital transmission of prescription information between providers and pharmacies, the modern e-prescribing software includes features that greatly enhance patient safety. The ability to share patient pharmacy data securely across multiple prescribers and clinical decision support are a few of the major features that increase patient safety in hospitals.

Reduction in medication errors and elimination of potential drug reactions help in increasing patient safety considerably. By enabling providers to avoid duplicating prescriptions and accidentally prescribing the wrong medication, e-prescribing system helps improve patient outcomes. Moreover, errors associated with scheduling or dosing of medication is also greatly reduced.

How Does the E-Prescribing Software Help Cut Down Medication Inaccuracies?

E-prescribing Systems promise to enhance patient safety in the hospital setting by achieving to reduce the time gap between the point of service and point of care. It assures medication accuracy and high care quality. The following are a few of the ways in which e-prescribing software helps physicians and hospitals to avoid mistakes related to medication:

  • The possibility of illegible prescriptions can be brought down by more than 95%
  • Prescription errors will be reduced by over 70%
  • Risk of missing information in prescriptions is cut down by roughly 85%
  • Mistakes in medication abbreviations can be slashed by over 93%
  • Miscommunication related to phoned-in prescriptions is greatly reduced
  • Digital means enable interaction of prescriptions with patients’ other medications, thus helping eliminate adversities related to drugs
  • Loss of prescription or a prescription falling into the wrongs hands are eliminated

Care Quality and Patient Safety Are Increased By Adopting E-Prescribing System

The innovative e-prescribing software helps taking care quality and patient safety to the next level. Prescription legibility is increased, and so is medication adherence. By being enabled to follow their medication regimen properly, patients are relieved from the threat of non-adherence to medication in an effective way.

Time taken for prescribing as well as dispensing medication decreases and patients’ medical conditions and interactions can be checked properly. This leads to increased patient safety.

The modern 75Health e-prescribing software offers benefits to prescribers, patients, and pharmacies. The primary benefit among these is the increased patient safety resulting out of improved prescribing.