Advantages of Using HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Software

Medical practices are assured of HIPAA consistency when they adopt a HIPAA-compliant medical billing software. Moreover, information security and patient protection are improved while overhead is reduced significantly with this software.

Advantages of Using HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Software

How Does a HIPAA-compliant Medical Billing Software Help Health Care Facilities and Physicians?

One major benefits of the modern medical billing software is that the restorative billing process in accordance with HIPAA. This is one significant requirement in the contemporary clinical setting. HIPAA ensures that patients’ data is fully protected. Details such as name, permit number, standardized savings number, among others, are not traded or uncovered without the consent of the patients.

Key advantages of a HIPAA-Compliant Medical Billing Software

1) Practices achieve HIPAA compliance: Compliance with HIPAA is not a choice. It is a legal requirement and failing to accomplish it leads to legal liability for medical practices. When adopting a HIPAA compliant medical billing software, all legal needs related to this are ensured, saving physicians and Medical practices from potential legal tangles.

2) Patient data privacy and security is warranted: Becoming HIPAA consistent naturally ensures safeguarding the security and privacy of critical patient information.

3) Reduced overall expenses in the practice: Not just the advantage of automating several processes associated with billing, potential legal liabilities are reduced as well when health care providers make use of medical billing software.

4) Improved practice workflow: The modern medical billing software automates and simplifies the processes while reducing paper-based activities in the practice. This ensures loss of information is greatly reduced and fewer errors occur.

5) Administrative overhead is reduced: Resources and efforts are significantly reduced, thus bringing down the administrative overheads.

6) Customized reporting is possible: Monthly reports on reimbursement and earnings can be created in a customized manner. Checking claim rejection and the reasons for denial or rejection can be done.

7) Errors are reduced: Human errors involved in entering voluminous data is significantly lessened when the automated medical billing software is integrated with the practice’s electronic medical record system.

8) Easy and digital access to patient information: One of the primary advantages of the cloud-based electronic medical billing system is that providers can access all of their patients’ information conveniently from anywhere.

75Health offers the most reliable and customizable medical billing software that includes practice-specific features. Being HIPAA-compliant, this innovative software relieves clinicians and medical facilities from most of the administrative and account-related burdens.

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