e-Prescribing Software

How Electronic Prescribing Improves Your Medical Practice

It is well-known that being able to send prescriptions electronically to pharmacies directly by making use of the modern e-prescribing software offers several advantages to providers and patients alike. One of the major contributions of e-prescribing software to medical fraternity is the potential to considerably increase practice efficiency and finances.

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The Ways in Which E-Prescribing System Helps Medical Practices

The innovative prescription writing software for physicians offers the following common benefits that help improve practices:

The clarity in prescription helps avoid pharmacy callbacks

With the traditional prescription system, there is room for unnecessary phone calls that burden medical professionals and administrative staff and reduce their efficiency. E-Prescriptions, by ensuring clarity, eliminate the need for such calls.

Preventable errors are reduced, improving patient outcomes

One of the major causes of medical error-related mortality is a preventable medical error. The prescription chain is where most of such errors occur. Now, with electronic prescriptions, errors are greatly reduced, thus patient outcome increases.

Digital processes improve patient services and practice management

The cloud-based prescription processing software becoming more and more common among practices of all types and sizes, practice management and patient care become better and reliable.

Care quality is greatly increased

The innovative electronic prescription software helps streamline the process of prescription while providing all the essential information. This results in a considerable improvement in the quality of health care provided by medical facilities.

Shifting to electronic mode while doing away with the paper-based system improves several processes

Accuracy, the time needed for data retrieval, and the ability to review allergy information and contraindications of patients are made possible when prescription software is used. Accurate patient data management and organized office procedures facilitate healthcare organizations to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

Improved documentation and increased adherence to medication

The ability to track medication orders along with time and date and monitor whether prescriptions are filled or refilled ensures medication compliance. Alerts and reminders available in the software make it easier for providers to ensure medication adherence.

75Health e-prescribing software helps connect provider and pharmacy systems. By digitalizing the entire prescription process, this software has succeeded in reducing potential mistakes that might occur in a traditional paper-based prescription system.

75Health e-prescribing system offers the possibility of being used as a stand-alone system. It also allows integration with electronic health record systems, thus facilitating providers to access medical information of patients also, in addition to prescription information.

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